Wide Perforated Porcelain - Sandalwood Vanilla

R 325.00

This rich and exotic blend combines the warm, buttery, fabulously sweet, and intoxicating scent of vanilla with a touch of smoky sandalwood, creating a long-lasting woody fragrance with a fresh edge and exotic smell.

Let this scent fill your place while you decorate your home with this refined porcelain vessel, crafted and designed for you in Cape Town, South Africa.

Trim the wick down to 5mm after each burn to ensure longevity.

  • Burn Time: 27h.
  • Measurements: 6.5 x 9cm
  • Sandalwood Vanilla
  • Type of Fragrance – Woody Gourmand
  • Intensity – Intense
  • Type of Vessel – Porcelain
  • Size – Medium
  • Gender – Female